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Don't just watch it... live it!

The first and only fully immersive Murder Mystery in Colorado.

Reveal Last Words and Testimonials

“Wish I could give it more than 5 stars.  Had a GREAT time and I will go again.” – Bill M.

“We had so much fun and you far surpassed my expectations!  – Sarada C.

“I had so much fun!! You won’t be disappointed” – Theresa S.

“We had a blast the other evening.” — Chip S.

“Very interesting and I would do it again and tell my friends, family and business acquaintances.” — Jim K.

“The staff was wonderful and engaging. Brenda cracked me up how she was in “role” the whole time and had the funniest things to say. Clever!” — Carrie S.

“I think it’s a fabulous idea and really enjoyed it.” — Laura J.

“Thank you for an amazing evening. Lots of fun!” — Christine M.

“We had a great time and enjoyed the whole experience.” — Debbie M.

“I’ve already told friends about it and plan to attend again.” — Dave G.

Redrum Murder Mysteries are presented exclusively at HellScream Haunted House, rated #1 in Colorado for indoor haunted houses.  Three floors and 15,000 square feet of mystery and clues.


Listen to one of the creators of Redrum Murder Mysteries talk about Immersive Theater.  Featured on Our Town, 740 KVOR.