How are Redrum Murder Mysteries different than other murder mysteries?

If you’ve been to a murder mystery at someone’s house it’s probably been with a script out of a box. The more elaborate Dinner Theater Murder Mysteries usually take place inside a hotel or restaurant and revolve around a sit-down meal with actors coming to your table. Redrum Murder Mysteries are nothing like either of those!  When you attend one of the Redrum Murder Mysteries at HellScream Haunted House you don’t just read it or watch it, you become fully immersed in the story as it unfolds around you.

Other murder mysteries I’ve seen have been comedy shows, but this sounds a bit more intense. What’s up?

The event takes place inside HellScream Haunted House, the scariest 15,000 square feet in Colorado. The scenario you will be “living in” takes full advantage of this incredible venue. Think of it as the ultimate Haunted House experience on steroids!  We believe there’s been a shortage of entertainment offerings in Colorado for people who want to participate in their own enjoyment and experience really intense human emotions… even if those emotions are fear and suspense!

Oh yeah, you might laugh a time or two but that’s entirely beside the point.

Will I be expected to participate?

Enjoying the full experience will certainly involve interacting with others and searching the mansion. In that regard, yes, it is assumed that everyone is a participant (to some degree). This is not a performance that you sit back and watch.

But I’m not a very good actor…

We absolutely want every guest to enjoy the experience, and you definitely can enjoy it with or without getting “into” character. BUT… we’ve learned through experience that if everyone loosens up just enough to let their inner actor come out, the results are truly memorable and often quite remarkable.

What about costumes?

Some of our immersive performances include providing you with a character profile before you arrive.  We might make some suggestions about attire, but we also have some accessories to add once you arrive.  Are costumes mandatory?  Of course not.  But once again, experience tells us that the more creative you are the more fun you will have.

I’m not a super-sleuth, will I be able to keep up with the mystery?

We’ve taken great care to make sure that everyone will enjoy the full experience.  Please trust us on this. Just go with the flow and you’ll be fine.

Is a full dinner served?

No meal is served during performances of Dr. Savage’s Apprentice.   During our more involved show, Dr. Savage’s Will, a terrific buffet dinner is served at a surprise location.  We are maniacal about providing the highest quality, most immersive reality experience in Colorado so we’ve taken great care to ensure that the immersion experience continues through your meal.

Are drinks served?

For our family-friendly show, Dr. Savage’s Apprentice, soft drinks only will be available for cash.  During performances of Dr. Savage’s Will, for those over 21, a cash bar will be available during your meal.

Any other suggestions?

Please wear comfortable shoes. You will be walking in some dark and uneven places. Please be aware that strobe lights are in use in some rooms.

Any other rules?

At no time will any of the cast members touch you, and we ask that you refrain from touching them or any of our extensive collection of props.

What about groups and private parties?

A Redrum Murder Mystery could be the most unique and memorable party your guests ever attend.  We specialize in corporate events, holiday parties, birthdays, anniversaries, you name it!   Contact us with questions at 401/935-7479 – ask for Group Sales.